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Hi, I’m Armi, the Inay behind Mayumi&Me. I’ve always lovingly defined this boutique as an “Inay-owned, Itay-supported, and Mayumi-inspired” online shop. There’s no other way we’d have it!

Welcome to our happy place!

This is truly a family-oriented business. The shop operations are managed by yours truly – a one-mom team – in-between nursing, playing, and cuddling sessions. The team gets the job done mostly during naps and bedtimes or whenever the Itay, Lolo, and/or Lola are around to keep the little toddler occupied!
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Inay’s Blog

Kaarawan ni Mayumi

Our intention has always been to give our children simple, yet thoughtfully prepared and lovingly executed birthday celebrations. This year, our family shared the happy occasion with Mayumi's kindergarten classmates, teachers, and our co-parents. … [Read More...]

Our Gentle Home Water Birth

Our baby's birth is an answered prayer. I was in great physical pain for days but, incredibly, there was never a doubt in my mind. I had faith that we could do it. I was at home, surrounded by my family - the people who love me most, by caring midwives dedicated to give me a safe, gentle, … [Read More...]